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Many thought cybersecurity to be related to fields like computer science or information technology (IT). It is different from the two fields. To word it simply, it is a defense of everything IT-related. Cyber jobs revolve around the security aspects of the electronics. Meanwhile, IT works usually involve managing computers, systems, and networks. 

Is cybersecurity career promising?

In today’s world, almost everything is digitized. Although it brings convenient to the next level, there is a downside to it still, which is a security threat. Digital channels play important role in how we navigate our ways. With this, there are threats of scams, data breaches, and virtual surveillance. Today, a profession focused on cybersecurity is in high-demand. If you are also one of those who want to address the threats while being well-paid, might as well consider pursuing a career in cybersecurity field. There are plenty of job opportunities to help grow your career in this field. 

It is already known that cybersecurity professionals often receive six figure salaries with plenty of job options. The employment rate within this occupation is also known to get higher each year. Not to mention that there have been data shown work-life balance to this type of profession. It  crowned as the highest rating among all career paths in 2022. 

Preparing yourself for a career in cybersecurity

There are plenty of ways you can do to prepare yourself for a career in this field. For example, you may consider taking training and coursework. You may want to earn a degree in cybersecurity from the university or college you choose. Keep in mind that some colleges or universities might not offer cybersecurity degree. Hence, be selective in choosing the right college for you. 

You can also opt for a major in a related academic discipline such as data analytic, math, or computer science. You can even choose a type of engineering pertinent to cybersecurity such as software engineering. It is also  beneficial to gain cybersecurity skills outside of a classroom such as by participating in competitions related to computer programs. Many employers prefer potential cybersecurity workers who took courses about operating system and internet-connected devices as well. 

It will be valuable as well if you take classes in computer architecture, programming languages, and software engineering. Within this industry, your abilities matter more than credentials. Most employers seek out cybersecurity professionals who develop creativity, and problem-solving skills. You will be the best candidate if you can demonstrate attention to detail, technical aptitude, intellectual curiosity, as well as communication skills. 

You can also gain advanced knowledge of cybersecurity by getting graduate education. You will gain more expertise in rapidly evolving and highly complicated cybersecurity tools such as AI.

Meaningful contribution 

Pursuing a career in cybersecurity also allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the society. In ways, you have many people to feel safer and help prevent them from getting hacked. Hence, there is another sense of pride and satisfaction when you’re actively participating in making this digitized world safer and better.

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