College admission is probably one of the most challenging moments in every student’s life. It is a time when many students feel the happiest or the saddest. Not to mention the process may take long to finish. Most students even prepare for their college admission since high school to make sure they are accepted into their dream college. The truth is, it is more than just acceptance and rejection. There are other things you need to know about college admission.

Things about college admission you should know

College admission can cause a major change in students’ lives since it is such a vital moment to go through. Some students may put their best efforts to get the best results while others choose to just ‘go with flow’ and see where the currents take them. However, there is no right or wrong on this matter because every individual may have different goals and interests. And here are some things about college admissions you need to know:

You can get in

Lots of students, especially those who don’t have high GPA worry about their future. They are worried no college will accept them with their not-so-high GPAs. However, you can get in regardless of your score and it is true. Open-admission colleges accept all or most high school graduates regardless of their GPA scores. College admission is competitive but not as intense as you might think. Fewer than 100 colleges in the U.S accept less than 30 percent of applicants. However, close to 500 four-year colleges accept more than 75 percent of applicants. So really, you can get into college through open-admission process. 

Take control of your own life

College admission is probably one of the biggest steps in your life and you are in control of what you want to do. Stay focused on what you aim to, what kind of college experience you want to have, and how you will be able to earn it. You can plan your college by setting clear, ambitious, realistic goals. It can be overwhelming but you will thank yourself later for being the driver of your own life. You know what goals to reach, what path to take, and how to make it for you. 

You are more than just test scores

Test scores are important and often the top factors to consider when admission officers determine who to be accepted. However, colleges care most about the work you have done in high school. Aside for looking into your scores, they also want to know more about your character and what you did outside classroom. Hence, do your best in presenting who you are in your college application essay and interview. 

What matters the most

The rank on the list or how famous the college is should not be what you look for when applying for college. There are other things that matter more than the college you go to. They are your skills, achievements, the effort you put in, and the opportunity you take advantage of.

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