Not everyone has their life planned thoroughly and in detailed. Some people especially students often find themselves in a moment where they don’t know what career path they should pursue after finishing school. Some students feel like it is something they need to be specified while others think it is not necessary and just go with the flow. 

Should you be worried when your life plan and career goals are still unclear?

It is understandable to worry about your future especially when you are a college student. Some students plan out their career goals early while others wait until they are near the end of their college. It is a matter of individual preference. The point is, you don’t have to worry because it’s okay to have your career goals and life plan unclear. You can figure it out while choosing the major and classes to take in.

Consider flexible degree programs

If you are students who are still unsure of your career goals, you may consider choosing flexible degree programs. This way, you will have variety of career choices to pursue after you graduate. If you have specific field in mind in which you want to pursue certain career goal, then it is best to pursue a degree that will lead you to the right path, guiding you to that career directly. 

Liberal arts degrees

Liberal arts degrees are considered flexible degrees because these might get you somewhere. These are suitable for students who are still unsure about their career choices or goals. A liberal art degree allows you to myriad of choices without putting you in a box of one career choice. You can also choose one specific area in liberal art subjects. However, the degrees may take you a long way in a career. 

Degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM)

Any degree in STEM is pretty promising in today’s job market. There are always job openings you can take advantage of after you graduate. For example, a major in mathematics opens variety of career choices that doesn’t lead to one specific path. You can pursue a career in education, business, or science when you graduate with mathematics degree. 

If you choose computer science as your major, it provides variety of career opportunities such as system administrators, network specialists, or software engineers. Meanwhile, engineering degree is pretty costly. Hence, you need to make sure that you see yourself in career involving science and math for the rest of your life. You may also choose one specific degree in this field such as environmental science, electrical, and biomedical field. 

Choosing a degree

It is highly recommended to consider career goals and choices when choosing a degree. Avoid choosing degree that will get you nowhere. For example with a degree in art history you may work at the museums but there are only so many museums in the country. If you choose flexible degree, choose the one that has some value in the job market without boxing you in one narrow path.

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