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It must be challenging to start off your school knowing the life of college freshman can be pretty much daunting for most people. There are many things to learn about before you can adapt yourself with the transition. You may have to learn how to do your own laundry, how to prepare your own foods, how to get around campus, and so on. 

Tips to help you stay on track during your first year in college

Weaving your way through the first year in college can be pretty intimidating. You are going to meet new people, new activities, new clubs, and so on. And so here are some useful tips to help you stay on track during your freshmen year:

Attend your class

It must be exciting to be able to decide yourself whether or not attend a class in college. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend the classes because ditching may hurt your GPA since most professors take attendance into account when grading. Also, going to class means you are learning things that are not in textbook. Attend the class and forge good relationship with professors so you gain important career help as well. 

Avoid doing laundry on the weekend

Almost every college student choose to do their laundry during weekend. And for this reason, you will end up in so much hassle since the competition for the machines will be so fierce. Hence, it is best that you do your laundry on weekday instead. You can even try multitasking such as reading assignment or doing homework while you are at it. 

Join clubs

Having friends is important because staying in your dorm all day long can be boring. Find a group, club, or activity that align with your interest then get involved. Also, many people say that friends you make in college are going to be your forever friends. Connect with the people you are the most comfortable with and keep them. This way, you can fight against loneliness or homesickness during your first year. 

Develop a habit of working ahead

It is so common for college students to cram and put everything off until the very last minute. However, it is best that you start developing a habit of working ahead especially during your freshmen. This way, you have more time to rest or do other things you love without sacrificing your grades. Not to mention that you will have freedom to tackle down any emergency that possibly pops up. 

Ask for help

It is understandable for freshman students to feel shy or hesitant in asking help. Instead of isolating yourself and trying to solve everything alone, it is best to ask for help when you are having trouble. Try reaching out to some folks at your campus or counseling center. If you have problems with your roommates, you can ask for help from the RA. If you have trouble paying for college, you can head to the school’s financial aid office to ask for advice or help.

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