Everyone knows that college can be very costly. It might be different from one country to another since each may apply different policies and regulations about college cost. However, college is costly in general and that is why there are still so many people around the world who could not be able to get in their dream college due to financial problems. 

How to cut down the cost of your college expenses

If you are now still in the middle of looking a college to apply to, it is strongly recommended to choose an in-state or public university as your baseline choice. Even though it doesn’t guarantee for cheap cost, these types of schools are where you will pay the least for your education on average. However, you can also apply for private college by winning scholarships or grants. 

Consider living-off campus after first year

Living on-campus is convenient because it is easy to get to your classes, to make friends, and to access all opportunities. However, living on-campus is expensive. Hence, it is recommended that you live on-campus only in your first year so you have time to adapt with everything without being too overwhelmed. However, it is recommended to live-off campus after the first year so you will most likely end up paying for less for housing and meals. 

Implement minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism doesn’t mean you are being stingy to yourself that you end up hurting yourself. Minimalism means deliberately thinking about the things that add value to your life to focus on. Avoid buying too much stuff that will only create clutter in your space. With minimalist mindset, you will be able to save money as well. You can spend it for something that add more value to your life later and keep it as emergency funds. 

Cook your own foods

This might sound daunting with hoe busy a life of college student is. However, it is not something impossible to prepare and cook your own foods. The cost of meal can be really expensive especially when you keep ordering takeouts. However, buying fresh produces and preparing your own meals can be far less costly. It is also a great way to ensure you develop healthy eating habit cheaply. 

Keep applying for scholarships

Applying for scholarships may take time. You need to prepare it since at least the last year of high school to get scholarship for your college. And once you are in college, you can keep applying scholarships as needed. It is also best to apply it during college because then you have more experience and projects to show off. 

Take advantage of free stuffs

You don’t have to be shy to use free stuffs for students. Your student fees pay for tons of free stuffs such as free movies on campus, workout facilities, bus service, laptop rental, and even free foods. This way, you can cut down unnecessary college expenses and save more. Be smart and make the most of your status as student.

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