Digital skills are vital for digital era like today. We are living in an era where almost everything is digitized to create more convenience. Hence, it is also important for employees to be cross-disciplined by mastering both hard and soft skills. The wider the skill sets you have, the more likely you will be chosen by the employers. It is not only those who are majored or interested in digital world that should sharpen their digital skills since you can also benefit from it. Here are some of the most vital digital skills you should develop for better future career:


It is one of the most vital digital skills in tech product and digital service. It includes programming and web and app development. These skills help validate your expertise and knowledge so you can land your dream role in a company. There are various emerging technologies that needs coding such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), etc.  With digital skills in coding, you are be able to develop the next generation technologies such as what happened with cryptocurrency, which is predicted to be a major payment medium in the future. 

Digital business analysis

Today‚Äôs business is affected strongly by digital transformation. There are so many business running successfully by implementing proven analysis approaches. Digital transformation is the central to all organizations in digital economy. With digital business analysis, you are going to be the most valuable asset for organization and even for yourself if you are planning on starting your own business. 

Digital product management

Digital product management is such a valuable skill you need to develop especially in software services. It is because this kind of services need to have a life cycle management plan put in place. In tech sector, digital product management is such an integral part for continued growth. 

Digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies are vital especially for tech companies to promote their products and services. Digital marketing skills include analytic tools, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing tools, and User Experience Design. Upskilling yourself with these digital marketing skills will help build your career significantly regardless of what industries you are employed later. 

Data science and data analytic

Any business and companies need data to be able to craft the best strategies that benefit them and their target customers. Hence, they need data analysts who are capable of making sense of huge amounts of data. In this digital age, data scientists and analysts are in-demand. By analyzing data the right way, it is easier to make the best decision. 

Digital design and data visualization

A user interface is used by websites, apps, and digital services to give users smooth experience. Most tech companies are looking for graduates and professionals who have expertise in creating effective, dynamic user experiences. Various digital platforms that are going to keep developing better user interface include social media, cryptocurrency exchanges, business-related sites, etc. Even if you are not majoring in IT or programming, you can develop these skills to build your career prospect.

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