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Most of the times, those who are currently enrolled in law school aim to be a lawyer after graduate. However, keep in mind that it is not the only career path you have to pursue. There are also other job alternatives you can pursue if being a lawyer is not it for you. Even if you are not pursuing to be a lawyer, your JD won’t go to waste. Many law school graduates decide during or after school that they want to pursue other professions aside lawyer. JD is pretty versatile degree you can use to pursue other professions almost in any field. 

Alternative jobs for law school graduates

It is not uncommon for students to feel like changing their path of life even after deciding on one. For example, they choose law school with a dream of becoming a professional lawyer. However, they don’t feel the sparks anymore during or after school and have the urge to change plan by pursuing other careers. It is possible that way because law school graduates can apply for nearly any job in any field. And here are some alternative jobs you can pursue as law school graduates:


Yes, you can teach with your law degree. You can teach at nearly any level from primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate. However, you may have to gain additional schooling certification to be more eligible in the field of education such as when you aim to become a professor of law. 


Law school graduates can also pursue a profession as mediator. It is a profession where you work with two disagreeing parties that don’t want to go to trial most of the times. Mediators have the responsibility to moderate the discussions and offer advice instead of providing any sort of ruling on the issue. This is a kind of job you can pursue that is still in a field similar to law minus the stress and pressure that being a lawyer usually induces. 

Financial advisor

If you are good with numbers, you can also pursue this profession with your law degree. With this professions, you work with individuals or organizations to provide supervision with saving, investing, and spending. Your responsibility is also to make sure that all transactions are conducted legally. 

Research and writing

Being a lawyer often urge you to be the center of attention especially during trial. If you are not into that and more into behind the scene kind of thing, might as well pursue career in research and writing. It is suitable for those law school graduates who are interested in law but not in practicing it. You can pursue a profession as a legal book publisher or provide research for law firms and other related institutions. 

There are many more professions you can pursue as law school graduates. You can reach out to employees who work in the field you are interested in specifically to find out how your understanding of law and legal system might benefit their companies.

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