One of the key parts of college admission process is the essay. The key is to write personal statement that show who you are and the potential and and the value you hold. Today, most colleges and universities include a college admission essays as part of the application requirements. College admission essay is a personal statement where students describe themselves from various sides such as academic achievements, strength, and other personal aspects. Through this essay, the admission officer wish to see the unique-self of yours. 

The importance of college application essay

With college application essay, students demonstrate their readiness for college and how they are going to make it work. It is kind of insight for college admission officers to look into the quality of students that are not shown by metrics. 

GPA and recommendation letters are considered important factors in college admission process. However, college application essay holds almost at the same level of value. With great application essay, there is high chance for you to stand out from your competition. If you and other applicants have a similar GPA but your application essay is better, you will be likely to be chosen. 

The length of college application essay

Just because college application essay is important doesn’t mean you should write hundreds of pages of it. The key is to go straight to the point. The longer you draw out the story  to make your point, the more likely you lose readers’ attention. You get only few hundred words to impress the readers (admission officers). Most college application essay is usually no longer than 700 words. 

Prompts for college application essay

As for the prompt, it is usually decided by the admission officers. Make sure to stay on the topic based on the prompt you are given. The prompts usually include your background, the lessons you take from obstacles for future success, your thoughts on challenging belief or idea, or your accomplishments. If you are given a  freedom to choose the topic, craft a concept or idea that is engaging and captivating. 

How to write outstanding college application essay

Quality is the main thing admission officers consider instead of quantity when it comes to college application essay. To make your essay outstanding, consider using these tips:

Determine meaningful topic

Tell memorable and relatable stories through your essay. Choose a topic that hold a personal meaning for you with much enthusiasm and authenticity. 

Express your best self

It is essential to keep the focus on you, meaning you are the main topic of the essay. Even if you discuss other people such as teachers, keep the story focus on your own development or growth. 

Be detailed

It is best to be detailed when writing application essay such as giving real example that is relatable to the topic you tell. Tell more about real incidents you experienced than future goals. 

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Make sure to proofread your essay before submission. Edit and fix if there are typos or mistakes on your essay. Ask help from others to review your essay.

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