If you think textbooks are intimidating then you are not the only one. Many people, or let say most people feel the same when it comes to studying from textbooks. Books are not one of the most appealing things for many people around the world. However, textbooks are the most basic resources you can get to find information and help you learn various knowledge. Even with how digitized the world has become today, you cannot fully avoid conventional textbooks because they provide more complete guideline of knowledge. 

Studying from textbooks more effectively at college

During your time in college, you are obligated to study materials related to your major and interest. You can do it with various resources available on campus and one of them being textbooks. The problem is, not many college students know how to make the most of textbooks-studying. So here are some tips for effective studying from textbooks so you can get the information needed without losing your mind:

Avoid cramming

Cramming everything that is inside a book is a bad idea. Your brain unlikely able to digest all information in one sitting. Keep in mind that studying from textbook is more than just memorizing words. It is more about your ability to analyze important parts. Digest it in your brain to further understand the whole concept comprehensively. Avoid cramming everything and read your textbook little by little. It is okay to have slower pace than others as long as you reach the goal of effective studying. 

Tackle the concepts

Studying from textbooks is not a matter of being able to recite every word later. Many students who use this method of memorizing and reciting textbook end up not understanding any concept of what they have read. Hence, it matters most to tackle the concept. Basically, there are two types of information in textbooks. The first one is the facts and the second one is the concept. The facts are things about historical dates, names or places. Meanwhile, concepts are things like definition, theory, or ideas. You can cram facts by heart with some memory method. However, you cannot just memorize the concept because you have to understand it comprehensively. 

Try active reading

Passive reading is when you just literally read every word by word without trying to imagine the information. Meanwhile, active reading is when you involve your sense to imagine and transform the words into movie-like scene in your mind. If there is word you don’t really understand, ponder them and look up for additional information so you can understand better. Passive reading will not lead you to effective study but sleepiness. 

Prepare the materials in your own way

If you are going to have exams and need to read textbooks to study, prepare the materials in your own way. You can highlight your textbooks to pinpoint important information. However, make sure to avoid highlighting everything. You can also combine what you have found from your textbooks with the notes you took during class, as well as other sources.

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