With a diploma in your hand, being a college graduate means you are about to step on the next phase of your life. It is where you are about to venture the real adult world where you no longer dependent to others but yourself. Being a college graduate also means you need to take financial future even more seriously. You need to make a solid plan to gain financial security for your future. 

Should you start with investment?

Lots of advice you find online leads you to consider smart investment after graduating from college. It is not the ultimate choice you have to do and you can also start with the basic instead. You may start investing even in college. However, it is how to do it and what type of investment you take are two most important things to consider about. The key to invest is to do it early and regularly. You do not have to wait until your salary is raised to invest. 

Types of investment to take

It is recommended that you invest in both high-risk and low risk assets instead of sticking to medium-risk options only. It is the best way for you to build wealth through both types of investments. Short-term and long-term investments are attractive for young people like you since you tend to have time on your side and can take greater risks. You can invest more aggressively by pursuing certain options of investment. For example, you can put 80% of your investments into the S&P 500 and put the 20% into cryptocurrency. If your investment in cryptocurrency failed, then you still have the 80% of investment to manage. 

Consider working for other people

It is beneficial for you to work for other people early in your career. It is great opportunity to build invaluable soft and hard skills while developing professional network. However, it is also recommended for you to do other entrepreneurial things on the side to help you grow personally and professionally. For example, you may consider starting a small resume editing company. 

Be wise in using your money

There are expenses you need to cover once you graduate from college. It is great if you can find promising first job right away. However, there is also possibility that you wait for weeks and even months before getting a job. Hence, it is best to make a plan for your finance. You can categorize your spending. Make sure to create a financial plan that is balance between your income and spending. 

Is cryptocurrency worth a try right after you graduate?

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most interesting topics to discuss. It is predicted to be one of the major industries in digital world. It is possible for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins and Ethereum to replace the use of conventional money such as dollars for payment in the future. Investing in crypto sounds promising. However, it is a high-risk type of investment and still considered asset. Make sure to do your research before diving into cryptocurrency world.

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