A life of college student can be full of wonder and excitement. However, it is also common for students to feel like they don’t have enough time to do something they want due to busy schedules such as attending lectures, studying in various places, participating in school clubs events, socializing, partying, etc. Aside from things that many people did experience in college, they probably regret for the things they did not do. 

Possibility of missing things out in college

It is possible for you to miss out on few things in college, especially things that may be useful for your future but you didn’t realize it sooner. There are many college regrets some people have. And if you are still in college now, try imagining what you may regret not having done in the future. And here are some of the most common things people regret not doing in college:

Not studying abroad

Studying abroad can be costly yes, and it is also probably one of the most common reasons why many students cannot afford it. Another common reason is fear of change. Studying abroad means you are exposed to many new things including new place, new people, new environment, new lifestyle, and even new language. However, studying abroad have so many benefits that are valuable for your life such as improve your social skills, learn new culture, expand global network, gain more career opportunities, etc. 

Not starting to invest sooner

The best time is to invest is as early as you can. Investing is not only for people in big corporations or wealthy individuals. In fact, college is the best time to start getting into the world of investing. It is when you can learn many things about it and allowed to make mistakes without risk of losing huge amount of money. There are many investment options to choose for college students. You can invest in stocks, physical assets, or the currently hyped assets such as cryptocurrencies. There are many types of cryptocurrencies to choose such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Cardano, etc. 

Not socializing more often

College is a place to socialize with many different people and you should take advantage of it. Many people who have graduated regret not doing it more often during their college days. There are so many benefits of socializing that will be valuable to your life maybe not today but in the future. 

Not taking hard classes

Many people regret not taking hard classes during their college. Most common reason is that they were not confident enough to take hard classes and afraid of asking for help from others. However, it is encouraged to take hard classes since they can help increase your skills and knowledge, making you more valuable among your peer. 

Not maintaining health

Being a busy bee during college often leaves students with poor physical and mental health. Therefore, it is vital for you to pay attention more on your physical and mental well-beings by working out more regularly, establishing a self-care routine, attending counselling session, etc.

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