Feeling confused when choosing a college major is not uncommon. If you are currently experiencing this, you are not alone. Some people even experience major stress due to this. Choosing a major for college can be challenging because it is such a tricky process. Having no idea what career you want to pursue while having multiple interests can make the process of choosing college major even more intimidating. There are college graduates who admit they would like to change their major if they had the chance. 

What to consider when choosing college major

It is important to choose a major that resonates well with your passions, values, and personal missions. It is such a significant step to choose the right major for you so you can avoid regretting it later. And here are several important things you should consider in choosing college major:

Your interest

From so many studies, it was found that students tend to perform better at their study when they can focus on their interests. The problem is, not all students can figure out their interests. To help you find your real interest, consider taking a a personality quiz where you can fill questionnaire to help determine subjects that align closely with your interests and personality. You may also consider participating in student clubs, volunteer work, completing internship, etc to find out more about volunteer work interest. 

Your priorities

You can pick your college major based on your personal priority. For example, you choose a major with great salary potential and job demand. Or, you can choose a major with a subject you are strongly skilled at. There are three factors you may consider when picking major based on priorities. They are economic advantage, ability, and interest level. Choose a major based on priority that is the most relevant to your life goals. 

Your skill

What you are good at doesn’t always mean where you lay your interest. Maybe your parents want you to be an entrepreneur but you are very good at art. You can pursue a major where your skilled will be advantageous the most. You may have natural skills and talents and those can be used to help you determine what major to choose. You can also find what you are good at by taking a closer look to your grades in high school. In which subject you are excellent at, or what strength highlighted the most in academic areas you can notice.

Salary potential

It is not wrong to consider salary potential when choosing a college major. If you are strongly motivated by high-earning salary, you may consider STEM-related major. However, you may also care more about the importance of your work instead of salary. For this, you may consider taking non-STEM degrees such as human services, performing arts, education, etc. 

It is also recommended to check in with you academic advisor if you have difficulty deciding what major to choose. They can provide insightful wisdom to help you make the best decision.

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