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There are vast reasons why obtaining employment after college is so challenging. Sometimes, it is due to individual’s failure to do their own part. Sometimes it can be caused by something out of their control. It is also often for some graduates to accept the first job offered without considering its impact on their future career. 

Find out the reasons why finding job after college is difficult

You may have heard a lot about so many college graduates who are not yet finding their job after finishing their school. It happens not only in one country or two but almost in all country across the world. The most obvious reason for challenging job obtainment is strong competition. The amount of graduates entering job market is increased each year. Here are some potential reasons why it is so hard most of the times to find job after college:

Little work experience

Aside from the competition, another strong reason why finding job after college hard is little work experience. Not all students work their way through their college. Even those that do often work outside of their expertise. Meanwhile, many firms and companies seek out candidates with a decent level of experience. This is one of the most common factors that cause graduates unable to find job right after graduate. 

Few or no valuable skills

Some skills are earned while on the job. This is how individuals earn valuable skills. With lack of valuable skills, you are more likely to enter job market with short list on your resume. Most employers look for individuals who own specific skills that will be helpful to fulfill their roles for the job. Resume with no list of valuable skills will be likely to be ignored. 

Lack of networking

Network is essential in today’s job obtainment. Networking options are usually earned through work experience in which individuals build it by exchanging information and common interest with other individuals. Networking is one of important keys to open the gate of work opportunities. Build your own network since college by participating in some networking events.

Feeling uncertain of major

Many graduates discover a severe lack of job opportunities within their chosen fields. Some others find out they have no greater interest in their majors upon graduation. These can lower their opportunities to find a promising first job. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you research your field of interest and its career potential before finalizing your decision on a major. 

The significant impact of first job after college

First job after college does matter because it has significant impact on the rest of our career. If you are graduate and obtain a role that has little to do with your area of study, you are more likely to stay in either it or related role for at least the next five years. It is often difficult for individuals to deviate from the path they have chosen. It decreases the odds of obtaining employment in their fields.

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