There are many ways you can actually do to boost your college application. One of them is being involved in summer activities with something that valuable for you. Test scores and GPAs are important but what makes you standout from the other applicants is what you do outside class. The point of doing summer activities is to show your efforts of expanding your self-potential. Aside of making college admission officers impressed, spending your summer vacation with valuable activities will benefit yourself too in many ways. 

Boost your college application with fun and creative summer activities

There are so many activities you can choose to do to spend your summer vacation. However, it is recommended that you choose activities that can give you valuable experience. Choose activities that help you learn more about community, and how you can give contribution. Also, choose activities that make you grow from various perspectives as a person, adding value to yourself. Here are some summer activity ideas to consider:

Consider taking a summer college class

Many colleges offer summer programs for high school students to come to campus and take courses. Real college professor teach the classes. They also allow high school students to live in the dorms throughout the program. This kind of program is usually extremely competitive that it requires an application. However, it is worth all the hassle. 

Figure out a project of your own

You can also consider creating a project on your own to spend your summer vacation with something impressive and memorable. If you are interested in music and performing, consider forming a garage band along with friends who share similar interest.  If you are skilled in creative writing, enhance your skills by consider submitting your work to journals that publish high school students’ works. You may also consider art project to rundown areas of your community or pick up trash in local park.

Consider online classes

There are many online classes you can take for free to spend your summer vacation. There are free online college courses as well you can choose. There are tons of subjects to pick based on your interest such as Robotics, Poetry, and even blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can take the class by participating in real-time or watch the past lectures. 

Earn extra income

College admission officers are impressed by students who show potential in their career growth. You can use summer vacation to build your career prospect by getting a job. Aside from earning extra income, you are going to impress college with your initiatives and responsibilities. You may also consider venturing a world of investing such as stocks and crypto to expand your knowledge and experience in finance and investment. 

Taking SAT or ACT test prep

Summer is a great time for you to make preparation for college admission. Hence, consider taking test prep such as ACT or SAT so you stay in tiptop shape to be back to school. You may also find a test prep tutor, take online prep course, or read more test prep books.

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