Being a busy college student while creating so many goals sound too daunting. Most college students just go day by day to complete their major on time. Creating a plan such as financial goals may sound intimidating but it will be useful for you to have a more secured finance and to help avoid you from leaving college with unbearable student debt. Short-term financial goals are something you can craft and commit to. Later in the future, you gain financial literacy and experience to help you build your future smoothly. 

Build credit score

Well, it is true that using credit means you are borrowing money and you will pay it back over a length of time. Your history of paying back borrowed money is what constitutes your credit score. With good credit score, you can borrow money you probably need later in the future. If you don’t have credit score, it is almost impossible to get approved to borrow money. When building credit, make sure to pay back money on time so your score goes up over the time. Building credit is valuable but make sure to not use multiple credit cards. 

Invest in something

Investing early is encouraged because the sooner you invest, the more you learn about how to make good investment. Investing since college aims to establish the habit not to expect for instant success or become a billionaire in a night. It teaches you to always be investing regardless if money is tight. Many students now are interested in buying cryptocurrency as a way to earn passive income to help them cover for their college expenses. However, it is best to do a research and get some advice from people with the right expertise before throwing your money in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, solana, litecoin, cardano, or any other cryptocurrencies. Start small and go slow. 

Graduate with no debt

It is probably one of the most challenging short-term financial goals so far. In fact, it sounds impossible for some people to leave college with no debt to pay. However, it possible to do by making plans as early as possible even before getting into college. Or, choose to enter a community college and work full time. You can also go to a cheaper school and apply for scholarships or grants. It is also recommended to earn extra income such as from blogging, making YouTube videos, mining cryptocurrencies, etc. 

Have a budget

It is still rare for college students to write down budget and review it monthly. There are some students who are that dedicated but most just go with the flow because budgeting can cause a headache. However, budgeting is a skill you can learn and develop over the time. Once you master the skill, it will become your second nature. Later in your life, you are not going to get overwhelmed juggling mortgage and a family. From budgeting you will be surprised on how much money you spend on frivolous things. Budgeting can help you make the most of your money.

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