Burnout can happen to anyone including college students. In fact, the National College Health Assessment found that stress negatively affects more than 30 percent of college students. It is not really surprising since college students are busy bees who are often juggling their college with their side hustles. Burnout in young people is more commonly known now. It is important matter to address so we know how to prevent and overcome it effectively. 

Signs of burnout

You can actually prevent burnout from happening if you manage to notice the warning signs early. Some of precursors of burnout include constant exhaustion, lack of motivation, persistent frustration, decreased grades, losing ability to concentrate, feeling disconnected from others, and many more. If you experience these signs and even more, you may be burnout. However, keep in mind that burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It may take months or years to develop and there are different causes of it.

Reasons of burnout

According to a study at University of Southern Maine, there are wide variety of reasons from burnout to happen. Family troubles are one of the major causes of burnout in college students. It happens to not only students who are staying with their families but also to those who live independently. Family issues can affect student’s life significantly. 

Financial problems are also on top of major reasons why college students experience burnout. College expenses are costly and not all students can afford to cover all those expenses. Some of them have to juggle college with their part-time jobs to earn extra money, it leaves them feeling exhausted and experiencing burnout after months or years of doing do. 

Other reasons include issues with professors and assignments. Some college students having issues with professors are not uncommon. Forging relationships with professors can be challenging for some students. Also, it may have to do with teaching preference and other issues related to the class. Many students also experience burnout due to overtaxing course load and assignments. It is something they have to deal with on everyday basis so it is unsurprising for students to end up feeling burnout. 

Preventing and overcoming burnout in college

The key to prevent and overcome burnout in college is to not take more than what you can chew. Find a balance between what you have to do and what you need to do. If you need to take part-time job to pay for college, choose jobs that are not too taxing on your mental and physical well-being. For example, Consider side hustles that earn you passive income such as selling digital products, or even investment.

There are many types of investment you can start in college be it physical or digital assets. If you cannot afford investing physical assets, you may choose digital assets such as stocks or cryptocurrency. Investing in crypto sounds promising since many public figures diving into it. However, it also carries high risks and volatility. Make sure to not add another reason to burnout by failing with your investment due to lack of strategy and research.

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