If you aim to obtain financial security, investing can be one of the most effective ways to realize it. Of course, you can also build your career from scratch by working under a corporation. However, you will gain more financial freedom if you have control of what you are going to do to build successful life and make it work your way. Being successful investor is a dream of many, including college students. Even if you are not majoring in business, you can still sharpen and nurture your skills to become successful investors as early as possible. 

Becoming an investor

Investor is individual who puts money into specific account, business venture, and other financial opportunity to receive financial gains. Investors doesn’t limit to certain background. Investor has the control to make decisions on giving funds. Generally, there are two types of investor; institutional and retail investors. The first ones are financial professionals who handle large investment for large organizations or corporations. Meanwhile, the second ones are individual who invests based on personal choices and funds. If you aim to become a retail investor, here are skills you need to nurture at a young age:

Money management

Managing money is life skill you need to build. As long as you live, you are going to need money to pay for various expenses. Investors deal with money on daily basis. Hence, it is vital for you to develop skill in money management as early as possible even when you are still a college student. Manage your college fund responsibly and wisely. Track down your expenses, and create savings so you are more motivated to put in money regardless how tight your money is. 

Critical thinking

You need to develop your skills at researching to become successful investors. Being an investor, you need to learn more about the market and how it works. In college, you may not own much money to invest in. However, you can invest in reading various sources of information and listening to advice from financial professionals. With wider understanding, you know what options to invest your funds. 


In college, you can expand your knowledge by learning other skills as well. To become investor, you need to know how to make the best decision of how or where to invest. Each type of investment has its own risks and potentials to consider. Investment options suitable for retail investors include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, individual retirement fund, real estate investment trust, and cryptocurrency. The last option is one of the hottest topics in the past few years. There are also many forms of cryptocurrency you need to learn more about if you are interested in it. Crypto is predicted to be the future currency that offers more efficiency and convenience

If you aim to become institutional investor, you have to earn a bachelor’s or advance degree in finance or business. You may also have to focus on specific area of investing. Then, you have to gain work experience with a financial institution.

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