The transition from studying at college to post-graduation life can be daunting for some people. It can be exciting but most of college graduates struggles a lot in finding their first job. It is not easy to make smooth transition from being student to the career world. Landing your first job perfectly can be the biggest challenge you need to face. 

Challenges faced by recent college graduates when building career

For those who already know where they are heading to after graduation, the transition might not be as daunting. However, it is different for those recent graduates with unclear goals and plans. It is even more challenging if you graduate with little to no work experience on your resume. And here are some of the most common career hurdles faced by fresh college graduates and how you can overcome them:

No real experience in professional settings

With little to no work experience, it is more challenging for fresh college graduates to land their first job. Many employers prefer hiring candidates with more work experiences or at least received proper training in their industry. Real-world job experience is more marketable and preferred regardless if you graduate with flying scores and know a lot about your industry. 

Salary negotiations and benefits

The first salary you make affects your lifetime earning potential because your raises will be based on your current salary. It means, the higher your starting salary, the better your raises will be likely. However, it is often difficult for recent college graduates to negotiate salaries mostly because they are worried they will not get the job if they set high bar. In reality, most employers would like their candidates to negotiate since they actually offer lower to allow more room for negotiating. Hence, it is best to develop your negotiation skills so you get the best offer. 

Strong competition and unrealistic expectations

Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you will land your dream job as smoothly as you expected. In fact, do not put unrealistic expectation because the competition itself is strong in job market. It is okay to land a job that is not so high positioned within the organization that recruit you. Keep in mind that you can build your career gradually. 

Unwillingness to relocate

Another common hurdle many fresh graduate experience include relocation. When you are reluctant to relocate for a job, it can be a major block to your career growth. As recent graduate, you cannot be choosy. It is possible for employer to offer better salary or other opportunities for career development. If the job offering is great for your career prospect, why not consider it?

Poor interview skills

Poor interview skill is one of the most common issues college students face during job search. Interview is important part of recruitment process. It is strongly recommended that you practice interviewing diligently before you graduate. Also, always do some research before interview so you are more prepared to talk about the company and why you would fit in.

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