Choosing a major is challenging mostly because of too many options. If it is only three or four options, you may have figured it out when you still in high schools. However, there are so many programs offered by colleges and universities to let students choose which suit them the best. If you are currently struggling with choosing the right major, you are not alone in this. 

Common mistakes when choosing a major

Choosing a major is one of the most important stages when deciding on your education.  Here are the most common mistakes many students make when choosing  a major for college:

Choosing solely for income

College is definitely costly. It makes sense if you frame it as business decision so you can evaluate the potential cost of education such as calculating the overall cost before making decision. However, using this mindset as your sole factor to choose a major is a poor decision. It is more recommended to choose major that is marketable and that is also something you can be interested in for life as well. 

Skipping to do your due diligence

Choosing a major does matter because it can affect your life in general. Treat college education like an investment because you are going to invest in your money, time, and energy for at least four years.  Make sure to know what you are getting into by researching the potential career opportunities of the major, finding the classes you are going to attend, and getting advice and input from the people with experience. 

Following your friends

Keep in mind that every individual has different interest, drive, motivation, and potential. Hence, be your own person and make a deliberated decision based on your interests and values. You can even choose something out of the box such as choosing a major that allows you to delve into cryptocurrency since it is getting more recognition. More universities and college today offer various courses and programs in crypto field such as blockchain applications certificate, introductory course in blockchain, etc.

Focusing on cost too much

College is definitely costly and some majors may cost higher than others.  However, you probably would lose a great opportunity if you solely use the cost to consider a major. Keep in mind that colleges usually provide financial support as well as options for tuition payment. Some universities today even accept tuition payment using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum. It helps students to decide the best payment method for them. 

Taking two majors with no good reason

Double majoring sounds cool but it is not always for everyone. You can do it but make sure with a good reason. It is challenging to take two majors because you need to put extra efforts to complete them and make them worth. Instead of double majoring, you may choose the spare time you have from choosing one major by adding valuable activities to build your career prospects such as volunteering, gaining work experience, making connections, and building your social skills.

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