There are many resources you can use to help you study better in college. You can go to the library and find various books to read. Or, you can use the internet to search various information needed to complete your task. You can also go to the museums related to your field to help you find some answer for your study. However, there is one best place to learn aside from all of those resources. It is your professor’s office hours. Many students underestimate this and fail to maximize it.

Optimize your professor’s office hours

College is more than just about attending class, taking exams, and writing papers. You can do all of them successfully by taking advantage of professor’s office hours. It will help a lot in maximizing your GPA. Keep in mind that it is professors that teach the materials and assign works. They are resourceful, so going to them for a discussion or assistance will be valuable for you. And here are some useful tips to make the most of your professor’s office hours:

Be polite and respectful

Just because you pay for college, doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful to the staffs included the professors. They are great resources you can connect with for various reasons. You will never know when you are going to need their help. During your visit to your professor’s office hours, be polite, considerate, and respectful. Make good impression by being genuinely friendly. Show your interest in the materials you want to discuss with. 

Make preparation ahead

Visit your professor’s office hours with good preparation so you know what to ask or discuss with your professors. This way, you will prevent wasting their time since their office hour is usually for grading, doing research, or answering emails. Prepare succinct and direct questions instead of multiple pages of papers. Choose particular issues you’d like to ask to your professors. 

Make a note

If you are worried that you will forget the things you want to ask to or discuss with your professors, make a note where you write down questions, subjects, or concepts that need further discussion or clarification. You can also discuss with your friends and see if you have similar concerns or subjects to discuss with the professors. If so, then you can ask other questions to your professors instead, so professors won’t have to repeat the same answer. You can share the information regarding to the subjects you and your friends similar with together later. 

Make a regular visit

To establish good relationship with your professors and maximize their office hours, it is best that you visit them regularly. Although professors are not always be able to open office hours every week, at least visit as often as you can. The more often you go, the better you will understand the materials. A good relationship with professors will help a lot in maximizing your grades and give you opportunity to gain better recommendations you are going to need in the future.

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