You may be wondering if it’s possible to even have free time with all tight schedules college students have. Most college students spend their time going to classes,studying in library, and completing assignments tasked by professors. However, being a busy bee is not always the case. Depending on the course you take, it is possible that you have free time in a day or week. You can indulge in whatever you like at the end of the lectures or during weekends. 

Some of the best ways to spend your free time in college

You can do whatever you want with free time you have in college as long as it doesn’t impact your education and life negatively. There are many things you can explore to enrich your life during your free time in college, such as:

Learn new skills

There are many skills you can start to get in depth with to enrich your personal development. For example, you can start learning a language you are desired. There are many online platforms you can take advantage of for learning. You can even enroll in a class both online and offline to learn the desired skills. This way, you will become a valuable asset among your peers. 

Get an internship

It is also great idea to get an internship while you are in college. It helps build your career prospects and extend your networks. Choose the type of internships that align well with your interests or skills. This is a great opportunity to get work experience while learning new things. 

Follow up with your hobbies

You can also follow up with your hobbies during your free time from all college assignments and papers. Even if you don’t have one, you can find a new one. Dedicating some free times to your hobbies can help reduce stress and relax your mind. 

Socialize with more people

Going into college is great opportunity to meet new people even from different countries and cultural background. Use this opportunity to learn more about others and build your network. Making as many friends as possible will benefit you in many ways. 

Take part-time jobs

You can also also use your free time to take some part-time jobs such as working in a cafe near your school, babysitting, copywriting, etc. You can also work in your campus by applying to become assistant to your teacher or staffs in administration or dining hall. M


Volunteering is such a valuable thing to do as a way to give back to the community. You can participate in neighboring community activities such as charities. You gain valuable experience while having self-satisfaction from it. 

Get into a world of investing game

College is also the best time to start investing. There are many ways you invest your money, be it stocks, physical assets or digital assets such as cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc). You can start investing with the little money you have to avoid risk losing huge sums of money while learning more how to navigate your way.

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