College can be costly and that is why most students are looking for college funds even before they enter college. They usually prepare it since they are in their last year of high school. Scholarships, and grants and more financial aids are available for college students. However, it might not be as easy as it sounds to get one of them since the competition is often fierce. Also, the application process can be tricky for many students. 

How to apply for financial aids for your college?

There are various sources in which you can find more information about financial aids available for college students. You can check out various websites and other resources but sometimes they are still unclear. Not to mention that it takes time for you to scan every information and digest it for full comprehension as how to apply for it.

You can apply for financial aid to FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is available each year and required for all federal and state financial aid. It can be submitted online or by email. There are also two forms you need to submit; your college’s own financial aid application, and CSS/Financial Aid Profile. You can check with your college to know if there is any other requirements or forms besides the FAFSA. 

Your dependency status

You are categorized into dependent student if you are still financially supported by your parents. You will be qualified as independent student if you meet certain criteria such as being a veteran of the U.S military or having a child that you support. The Department of Education is pretty strict when it comes to determining dependency status of the students. For dependent students, their parent’s incomes and assets information will be considered in the process of determining student’s financial aid. If you are independent student, documentation will need to be provided to prove your independence. 

About Student Aid Report

Lots of students are still confused about SAR or Student Aid Report. It is a document sent out to student after they have submitted the FAFSA. This document includes your EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Make sure to review the document before sending it. Always follow the instruction when fill out the forms and if you need to make some changes or correction, make sure to do it properly as instructed. This document will be used to determine your eligibility for student aid by the school you listed on your FAFSA. 

SAR usually arrive within few days to weeks and it is sent usually via postal mail. You will receive it online if you provide your email address on your FAFSA application. 

What about work-study job

A work-study job is a great financial aid you can earn if you are qualified. This is where you get convenient job on campus with a flexible schedule that works around your school breaks and classes. However, you may also prefer a part-time jobs that pay higher instead, especially if it looks better on your resume.

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