Applying for job is one of the most important steps of a life of college students, especially those who are in senior years. Applying for postgraduate jobs can be vary as well, depending on what industry you are hoping to enter. For example, you may have to apply earlier if you search jobs related to consulting, financial services, and technology. They usually hire earlier so you need to apply in the summer before your senior year. 

However, you can start searching and apply the spring semester if you aim a job related to other industries relying on ‘just-in-time hiring’ practices. Since it is varied from one industry to another, it is best for you to lay the groundwork in the fall. 

Tips for soon-to-be college graduates to apply for job successfully

There have been periodic hiring freezes caused by the shutdowns and restrictions related to Covid-19. However, many experts predicts that job market in 2022 will be fierce and could create higher level of competition among college graduates. And here are some useful tips to consider if you are soon-to-be college graduates who are applying for jobs:

Determine your interests

It is not uncommon for people get accepted in a job they didn’t really want to. Your first job after graduate does matter and can affect your future career. Hence, it is best that you determine the type of industry, company size, location, and work environment you think will best fit your needs and interests. Start figuring out your job targets now.

Get more information and resources from school career centers

You need more information and resources to help you search for a job. Visit college career center to find those resources and information. It is a place that allows you to discuss your career goals. The staffs will help review your resume and even help you participate in a mock interview. You can schedule meetings with staffs members at your university to get more advice and input about your job search. 

Update and boost your resume

Increase the chance of getting hired by updating your resume with relevant experiences and skills you have earned. Employers really like to know more about your broader experiences such as volunteering, coursework, part-time jobs, summer camp, job shadowing, etc. Make sure to highlight your resume with a full set of skills and what the employers are seeking. 

Review your applications

It is a must to review all materials for your job application before submission. You can also ask a friend or staff member from career center to help review your application because a second pair of eyes may be able to notice any typos or mistakes you missed. 

Consider networking

There are countless job opportunities that are not even posted online because the positions are often filled by word-of-mouth. Hence, it is best to build network by reaching out to the people working in the industry you target for, be it family members, friends, or alumni. Also, consider attending school career fairs or targeted messaging on LinkedIn.

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