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College admission is such an intense period in which students try their best to be accepted in their dream colleges. There are many factors college admission officers use to make decision such as high school grades, test scores, courses, activities, recommendations, interviews, etc. There are ways you can increase your chance getting into your dream college. However, make sure not to let it determine your self worth. 

Follow these steps to complete college application

It is strongly recommended that you prepare college application in advance by getting the best possible grades you can during high school, taking academically rigorous classes, practicing SAT or ACT tests, and spending time developing your college essays. After doing your best with your high school., it is time to apply for college, and here are important steps you need to follow:

Find out the deadlines

It is best to start early so you can meet by the deadlines. The deadlines for college applications are usually around early January to mid February. Make sure to find the information regarding to this from official source.

Read and understand instructions

Different college may require different format or rules on their college admission process. Hence, make sure that you read the instruction so you understand everything comprehensively. Always follow the instruction even if you think it is not necessary for you. 

Provide complete response

To show that you understand the instruction and pay attention, provide complete response as requested. It is best to be thorough than to leave blank fields. 

Don’t forget to proofread

Proofreading is important because you might miss out something on your college application. Also, it is best that you ask for someone else to proofread it for you. Different eyes can notice mistakes that you missed to fix. 

Provide information honestly

Don’t try to fake any information you provide on your college application. The admission officers will always verify any information you state. Do not exaggerate your achievements just because you want to be viewed as more than you are. Honesty is always the best policy.

Choose recommendation

Choose teachers, counselors, and others who know you well both inside and outside the classroom. Come to them early so they have enough time to write thoughtful and considerate recommendations for you. Make sure to appreciate their effort and thank them properly. 

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Write essays that represent you

Make interesting essays that represent you in the best way. Put interesting story  in your essay so it stands out from other hundreds of essays. Be original, make it personal, and put your best work. 

Get the copies of your high school transcripts

Make sure that you notify your counselor’s office of the deadline of college application so you get your transcripts on time. 

Make copies of everything

Make sure to have copies of everything needed for the college applications just in case something lost in transit. 

Confirm your application has arrived

Contact the school’s admission officers to confirm if your application materials have arrived. If there is something missing, supply it immediately.

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