Preparing for college is important but it can be a daunting experience for many students. Entering a college life means you are about to adapt to new environment, meeting new people, and it is like the official start of entering adulthood. It seems there are so many things to prepare. However, it is not as complex as it seems. In fact, you can make it simple yourself by categorizing each preparations to focus on. 

Taking necessary preparations to get into college smoothly

It is advised to make preparations early. You can prepare for college from the last year of your high school. Make sure to talk with more experienced people to get some advice and input. Here are most important preparations you need to take for college:

Taking required courses

Preparations for college should start since high school, especially if you have clear objectives of which college or major to apply for. Since admission requirements can vary, consider taking courses you must take in high school to allow you entrance in college or other higher education. At least, take common courses that colleges and universities use as admission requirements such as English, Social Studies, Biology, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, and Geometry. Some colleges also require some coursework in the visual performing arts. The point is to build a a solid academic foundation since high school by taking courses that reflect your broad base of knowledge. 

Taking test prep

You can start early preparing for college entrance exams. Find out if the college you are applying for require ACT or SAT. You can plan to take both to be more prepared. You can consider taking pre-test and focus on weaker areas through a test prep course or on your own. You may also consider taking the actual tests during your junior year so you are ready to even take them more because it is pretty rare for students to ace them on the first test. Before taking another test, give time to improve your self. 

Planning your finance

As college can be costly most of the times, you need financial planning to cover all college expenses. College tuition is probably the most expensive spending most students worried about for getting into college. However, there are also many other expenses you need to take into consideration. Prepare yourself to apply for scholarships or grants. You may also save money from paycheck you receive from your first high school job. You can even start investing in assets such as stock or cryptocurrency (trading Bitcoins) so you have something to cover your college expenses later. 

Select extracurricular

GPA and courses are not the only factors admission officers put into account. They also weigh student’s involvement in various extracurricular activities. However, it is more recommended to choose particular extracurricular that interest you instead of trying to do everything. Focus more on clubs and activities that help grow your leadership skills. Admission officers would like to see the personal growth of student by involving in valuable activities since high school.

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