When you are a busy college student, your days filled with many things to think and do. Hence, your desire to stay healthy may seems a bit far-fetched. There are so many factors that can make you pay attention less on your well-being such as stress, lack of sleep, too much fast foods, jam-packed schedule, and loads of assignments. Getting in shape while juggling your college work is not impossible to achieve though. And here are some tips for you to stay healthy and fit even during busy days in college:

Be creative 

Keep in mind that there is no ultimate rule on how you can do your workout routine. You don’t have to go to campus gym if you don’t have time to. Instead, you can download a workout app on your phone for free access to workout routines. Or, you can even pay for small monthly or annual fee to get premium content and give you more access to personalize your training, meal plans, and more exercise videos. 

Do your exercise while studying

You can stay active anytime and anywhere. If your study schedule keeps you from hitting a gym, why not doing exercise and studying at the same time instead? You can simply take your note to the gym and place it in front of you when you are  riding stationary bike. Or, you can also listen to a podcast related to the materials you are studying when you are running on treadmill. 

Get some exercise in your own dorm

It is possible to do your workout routine in your dorm even with limited space and equipment. You can do some planks, push ups, air squats, high knees and wall sits. If you need equipment, use your furniture to help you exercise more properly. There is no need to get all fancy if ou can get the same result with minimal things you have. 

Walk wherever you can

To stay fit during your college days, you can do it by as simple as walking wherever you can. Ditch bus or taxis if your destination is within walking distance. Run your errand and come home after tiring day on foot. By building a habit of walking, you build your own stamina while also helps improve your concentration. 

Limit unhealthy foods consumption

Aside from regular exercise, you can maintain your health and fitness by watching what you eat on daily basis. It is common for busy college students to go for comfort foods when stress such as sodas, candy bar, salty chips, cheeseburgers, etc. You can have them but make sure to stay moderate. Instead, stock up on healthier snacks that can help you feel full and energized without compromising your health.  

Find perfect balance

Your health and fitness is also linked to your mental health. If you are mentally unhappy and unhealthy, your body will give the warning signs through various discomforts and aches. Hence, make sure to find perfect balance in maintaining your well-being both physically and mentally.

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