Starting college can be stressful since it is one of the most significant transition in life. You are about to meet new people that may come from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. It is even more challenging when you decide to study abroad. There are more things you may worry about aside from the class and study. The most important thing is how to make the most of it and never expect for everything to be perfect. 

How to weave your way through freshman year at university

There are many things you can expect when it comes to starting college. To make yourself less nervous about it, think only about positive things to happen. Try not to worry about too many things that might not probably happen anyway. Start everything with positive mind. And so here are some tips to help you enjoy the most of your freshman year at university:

Build networks

Every person you meet at college has something to offer you. Classmates, professors, recruiters, advisors, and campus staffs are those you will be likely to meet regularly. You don’t have to be friends with literally every single person at campus. However, it is highly recommended that you network as many people as possible. It will help you a lot in navigating your way around university especially when you are a freshman.

Organize your deadlines and priorities

It can be overwhelming for your first year at university. With huge building, so many different classes, as well as loads of assignments, it is easy to feel lost. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you keep organized from the beginning and make it a habit. Get a calendar and write down all your deadlines and priorities. Do not build a habit of handing assignment late or put everything until last minute. Be as early as you can. 

Don’t make a habit of plagiarizing

Plagiarizing is one of the most common things to do by students at every level of education. It is not a good habit to develop because you will learn nothing from doing it. Sharpen your writing skills gradually and slowly during your time at university so you can avoid plagiarizing. Find various resources to help you learn and understand better. You can even download apps to help detect plagiarism in your work. 

Find the right learning method for you

Every individual has different method to learn. At college, taking note is one of the keys to successful learning. Hence, find a note-taking system that works best for you. You may write it down on your journal, type it and keep the note in your laptop, or record what your professor teach you during class (make sure to ask your professors’ permission first).

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Aside from those tips above, one of the most important things when weaving your way through college life is to take good care of your physical and mental well-being. Do your best at study but make sure to have fun as well.

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