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It is almost impossible to live a college life so smoothly right away. You may need time to adapt especially during your freshman year. Also, there is no exact timeline of when you have to complete the transition. You can set your own pace in order to be successful in your study while also having the best of your time in college. 

Good study habits to practise

Studying might be one of the most daunting things for some people. It almost feels like a chore. Hence, it is pretty challenging to make good study habits. However, you can actually practise these study tips to succeed in college:

Take good notes

There is a link between good notes and good grades. Taking good notes helps you to study better later. The trick to take good note is take only key points of the lecture or textbook. Avoid writing down too much info on your note. You can also try another alternative such as record the lectures to listen to later. 

Set limit to internet use

Internet is one of the most helpful tools for study since we can find information easily. However, there is a downside from using it too much. It can distract your study instead. Hence, set a limit on internet use to maximize your study time. For example, apply ‘no social media’ rule during a class or study time.

Organize all your commitments

Sometimes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with college stuffs from classwork to extracurricular activities. Not to mention that you also want to have social events. Therefore, it is highly recommended to organize all your commitments into a detailed calendar. You can make a board of calendar or use sticky notes to organize everything neatly. 

Avoid cramming

It is like every student’s way to put off studying until the last minute. However, it is something you need to avoid as much as you can if you don’t want to regret later. To start practising good study habits, you need to pace yourself. It is better to study bit by bit each day. This way, you can retain more information and ward off unnecessary exhaustion. 

Find your own zone

Just because your friends study better with loud music doesn’t mean it works for you too. Every individual has different way to study more effectively. To find your own best zone for studying, try different kinds of environment. Find out if you study better in the middle of bustling coffee shop, or when you are accompanied by relaxing lofi music from your playlist. 

Give yourself a break

Some people say you have to study hard to succeed in college. However, it doesn’t mean you should study non-stop day and night. In fact, taking a break is important. Take a ten minute break every one or two hour. You can also take one day off per week by doing something you love instead of studying. It helps a lot in maintaining your energy and keeping your mental health in check.

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