If you aim for obtaining a high-paying career, getting formal education is one of the keys. The problem is, formal education comes with lot of expenses to pay. Housing, foods, textbooks, lab, equipment, and many more are going to be basic necessities for your college. Of course, you can get financial aids from federal or state government, private organizations, and more. Or, you can also earn passive income without slaving yourself because being a college student is already challenging. 

Passive income

Passive income is money you earn with minimal effort and doesn’t need direct involvement sometimes. Earning active income requires you to dedicate your time, energy and money and it can be overwhelming for college students who are already such a busy bee. Having passive income during college can provide financial assurance for you. Here are passive income you may consider getting while being college student:

Making YouTube videos

Today, lots of people are more interested to become Youtuber. It is because Youtubers can earn alot. Consider making YouTube videos based on niche you want to target that is also aligned with your passion or interest. You may slowly gain subscribers and viewers over the time. Gradually, you will earn money based on the views you have of each video you posted. Monetizing your content and displaying it through advertisement, you may find yourself earning thousands of dollars each month. 

Selling digital products

If you are creative person and like to make something, why not making money out of it. You may make research papers, flow charts, and detailed class notes then sell them online in forms of PDFs, graphic design, printables, etc. You may earn the extra money for years afterward from something you make once. 

Making a blog

Digital world leads to the use of digital device. Today, most people spend their time reading digital newspaper, books, or even novel. It is convenient to be able to access to what you want to read digitally. You can be part of it while earning money by making a blog. Being a blogger means you write something on specific topic to gain audience and gradually build your traffic so your blog will benefit from sponsored posts, affiliate links, etc. Aside from earning money, it is also a good way to enhance your writing skills that will benefit you for life. 


Experts and professionals always encourage people to invest as early as possible. Hence, it is such a good idea to start investing while you are in college. There are many types of investments you may be interested in such as stocks or the most current one, cryptocurrencies. Investing in stock is a great investment to build a long-term wealth. You can also challenge yourself in cryptocurrency since it is considered to be one of the most promising investments today and predicted to become huge in the future. There are many types of cryptocurrency you can buy in small for the first times but the most popular with high-demand is Bitcoins.

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