How Do You Apply For A Scholarship

Applying to college is challenging indeed. There are so many factors that cause it such as different factors each campus uses. However, there are ways in which you can increase your college admission chances. Other factors that can determine successful admission aside high SAT /ACT scores include hard work, determination, and sometimes, a little help from family or school administrators. 

Tips to help increase college admission chances

Sometimes, getting into a  good school is like an uphill battle. Some people have experienced disappointment because there were not able to be accepted to their dream college. And here are some useful tips you can consider to help raise your college admission chances:

Earn high GPA plus challenging curriculum

In most colleges, earning high GPA combined with a challenging curriculum is still the most important admission factor. With high GPA, it gets you through the first round at least. Then, you need something that make you stand out from the rest of your competition. You need to show what you did outside the classroom. Hence, try as many challenging courses as you can during your junior and senior years if you aim a good college to enter to. 

Sell yourself through your personal statement

As most colleges drop their SAT/ACT requirement, personal statement has played important role in college admission. It is considered moderately important for most colleges. Through personal statement, you have a chance to sell yourself by providing a well-written essay about yourself. Take your time crafting your personal statement and developing unique perspective by choosing the right prompt. 

Show your interest

If you have already a college in mind, start showing interest by various activities such as visiting the campus, participating in optional interview, joining an official campus tour,  participating in the school’s online seminars, and contacting admission representatives to ask for interviews for example. You can also show interest by getting in touch with professors of your prospective major, or applying early.

Get strong letters of recommendations

Most colleges also consider letters of recommendations in their admission process. Letter of recommendation is essential because it provides information of your character that your grades cannot. A month before your college application deadlines, ask people who can describe your accomplishments, skills, and attitude with so much enthusiasm and positivity. You can get 1-3 letters of recommendations from your teachers and high school guidance counselor. 

Consider early admission plan

You can raise your college admission chances by applying early. Generally, colleges admit a higher percentage of students during their early decision and action rounds. You may plan early application in November. This way, you will receive admission decision earlier around December. 

Build good online reputation

Many colleges are now checking their applicants’ social media presence to learn more about them. If they are finding inappropriate that can be a red flag, your admission chance will be lower. If you have multiple social media accounts, manage them well to build good reputation. Make sure there is nothing that can affect your presence negatively.

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