College admission officers read hundreds to thousands of application essays. You can imagine how hard it must be to select the best one. However, the key is to not make the best essay but make the most impressive one. Write application essay that standout from your competition. One of the main keys is to choose the right topic that can make admission officers interested to read. 

Tips to write memorable and outstanding application essay

Aside from GPAs and test scores, application essay also plays important role for college admission. The type of application essay to submit is the one that is memorable and proficient. It sounds daunting but you can make your essay standout from your competition by following these tips:

Avoid negativity

Don’t be negative when writing your application essay. Even if you mention about problems you experienced, do not reveal your life’s roadblocks so carelessly in your essay. You might end up writing emotional essay admission officers uncomfortable to read. You can mention your problems that have been already handled well in a positive manner so the admission won’t question your wellbeings or readiness for college. 

Avoid redundancy

Don’t be repetitive in relaying information. Make more space for you to showcase who you are and your potential instead of keep repeating your achievements in high school. Always give new information about yourself to keep admission officers engaged in your interesting story. 

Don’t underestimate your writing skills

You should not underestimate your own writing skills. You can choose a topic and believe you can execute it well. However, it is also just as damaging to overestimate your writing skill thinking you are going to deliver the most brilliant essay on brilliant topic but overstretching yourself in the end.  Be honest with your writing skill, style, weakness, and strength so you can craft impressive essay. 

Do your own research

You may apply for different colleges and write different essays for each. To make sure you submit outstanding essay, do your own research about the schools you are applying for. Hence, you can write unique essay that ties with the strength of that particular college. 

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Potential topics to choose for college application essay

An application usually offers a broad topic or gives you the freedom to choose whatever topic you want. Choosing the right topic plays huge role in the creation of great essay. And here are some of potential topics you may consider to choose:


You can write about diversity you bring to the school as international student, highlighting your unique gifts you can bring to the school.


You can write about your personality, beliefs, or challenges through interesting and engaging storytelling in your essay. Showcase an outlook on life, depth of something, or perspective of the future in an appealing way.


This topic allows you to highlight what influences you to achieve your goals. It could be a person, organization, or a cause. This is an extremely personal essay to show how it affected you and what you have done.

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